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Things might move a little slow over the next couple of weeks as I’m coming to the end of my studies at university. Bear with me, I’m going to be posting photos and videos from expeditions to places I go, near and far! 

The big goal for us will be to make nature documentaries (of varying lengths) about places, animals and events from all over the UK. We’ll be doing biology, ecology, geology, ornithology, botany and everything in between presented in a light, interesting way. 

Suggestions of topics is very welcome, what do you want to learn more about?

Do you live near an understated or undiscovered wildlife goldmine? Want to discover and learn more about a particular area/species/topic? Let us know. We’re just starting out and would love to hear what interests you.

- SE

Crafty Heron in the reeds at WWT Barnes.
Tea for one Mr. Jackdaw?
Flowers after rain at the punchbowl at Saville Gardens, UK.